Best Blinds for High-Up, Hard to Reach Windows

High up- hard to reach windows are commonly in foyers, stairways, and above other windows.  Designed to enhance the natural light in the home, these windows may not need to be covered at all.  If the light coming into the home through these windows isn’t an issue, and there are no privacy concerns, many people opt to leave these windows uncovered.  But for others, high up windows can be a nuisance and feel like there is no privacy or protection from harsh glare coming in the home.

The best solution for covering high windows in your home is to first think about how much you will want to open & close these shades.  Some people find that they just want to set the blinds/shades in a position that provides relative privacy and light control.  Others may want to open & close these shades several times daily depending on the light control and view desired.

If you are in the set it & forget it category, then there are a number of options that would provide privacy, natural light, and view too. This situation is common in bathrooms with large windows above the tub.  A Honeycomb Shade with Top Down- Bottom would work well.  The shade can be positioned in the window to cover the lower portion providing privacy while the top portion is open for a tree-level view to the outside.  Roman Shades and Woven Woods can also be made with the top down- bottom up feature.  Since you won’t be operating the shade often, you can opt for cord-free lift with an extension pole or use a ladder on the rare occasions you want to move the shades.

Otherwise, the best way to operate high up shades is with a motorized- powered lift.  Motorized shades can be battery operated or hard wired.    With motorized shades, it is easy to operate your shades with a remote control or smart device.  Battery life varies depending on the manufacturer, but about 1 year is the average battery life whether rechargeable or standard battery.  Almost any type of shade can be motorized, but some work better than others for high up spaces.  Roller shades and Honeycomb Shades are the most common types of shadings for high up spaces.

Another common type of high windows are Skylights.  Honeycomb Shades are the only type of shadings that will work for Skylights.  These types of shades can be made specifically to operate at an angle using a track system so that the shade fabric doesn’t sag.  Also, the main reason most people want to cover their skylight is due to the heat coming in – and the insulating quality of Honeycomb Shades really helps reduce the heat gain at these windows.

Let the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs help you find the best solution for your high up hard to reach windows and start enjoying the comfort and privacy you deserve.