Best for Kids

Child Safe Blinds are an important consideration for anyone with small children or even pets.  It is important that your whole family enjoys their custom window treatments with peace of mind. To help make your home an environment where your children can grow and explore safely, consider the following options.

  • Secure cord loops or eliminate dangling cords.  If your blinds or shades feature cord tensioners, be sure they are secured to the wall or window frame.
  • Go for Cord Free Control systems. If the top of the window is higher, there are extension poles available to reach the lift handles for many types of shades.
  • Motorize your Shades with either a hand held or wall mounted remote control. Rechargeable battery wand now available to eliminate the need for battery disposal
  • Look for Wand Control like the Hunter Douglas Soft-Touch simple battery powered system or UltraGlide.
  • Roller Shades have no internal lift cords. Combine them with cord-free lift or motorized for a sleek, Best for Kids solution.
  • Shutters are a great option that are durable as well as cordless. Choose from Real Wood of Composite materials.

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