Energy Efficient Shades

Warmer Winters – Cooler Summers – Lower Energy Bills.

Energy Efficient Shades can help reduce both heat-loss and heat-gain at the windows.  Homes without insulating shades can lose much of the heating-cooling energy through windows and doors.  By simply adding energy efficient shades, you can stop the heat loss/ gain resulting in lower energy bills year-round.

Heat Transfer:  

In the winter, much of the warmth of the home can be lost through windows and doors that are not covered. Energy Efficient Shades provide insulation to reduce this heat loss in the colder months. Choose products designed with insulating air pockets.

Heat Gain

The warmth of the sun can turn any room into an uncomfortable hot box as well as damage furnishings with harmful UV rays.  Reducing the heat that comes through window and door openings will improve your energy costs.  It also will protect your flooring and furnishings from fading and discoloring due to the harsh sunlight.  Solar and Sheer shades help reduce heat gain in warm months. Shades with insulating air pockets will also reduce heat gain.

Energy Efficient Window Coverings

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