Builder Blinds Program

The Aloha Blinds & Designs Custom Builder Blinds program is perfect for builder and homeowner alike.   Including custom window coverings in the mortgage adds immediate value to the home.  And it also provides the new homeowner with the comfort and privacy they deserve.  Custom window treatments provide the finishing touches that separate a well-built home from the others, just like cabinets and flooring.  We have found that buyers including this cost into the home mortgage are happier because they do not have to live in a “fish-bowl” for the first couple of months.

We pride ourselves on the quickest turnaround time from measure to installation so that when it is time to walk – the house is truly “Move-In Ready”.  Once we get your project purchase order, we work with you or your supervisor to ensure that your project stays on track for the timing of window coverings, as they are typically one of the last things in before the home is turned over to the new homeowner.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you to make your new home truly “Move-in Ready”.  Call Aloha Blinds & Designs (541) 317-4684 to discuss your project and let us help you in providing the added value of Custom Window Treatments to your next home project.