Best Energy Efficient Window Shades

Can window shades help save on energy costs?

Energy Efficient Shades are great for both the hot temperatures of summer as well as the frigid cold days of winter.  Windows and doors are the main source of heat gain on hot days and heat loss in cold weather.  Finding the perfect balance of thermal comfort is important to save on energy costs as well as for the health and well-being of those in the home.  In fact, without energy-efficient window coverings, a home can lose up to 30% of heating and cooling energy through its windows, according to the Department of Energy.

There are several ways window coverings can help to save energy and feel more comfortable in your home:  Insulation, Solar Heat Control and Daylighting.

  • Insulation:  Shades that provide the best insulating qualities have a pocket of air that slows heat transfer in & out of the home, such as Honeycomb, Roman, and Sonnette-Cellular Roller Shades.  For superior insulating window shades, look for double cell Honeycomb or the Hunter Douglas Architella Duette which are constructed to have 3 pockets of air.  Room Darkening fabrics can also add to the insulating effect of window coverings.
  • Solar Heat Control:  The warmth of sunlight (solar heat energy) can be a bonus in the winter, however in the summer it can quickly cause a room to become unbearably hot.  Many types of window coverings can help control solar heat.  For hot summer days, keep your shades closed during the hottest periods of the day to minimize heat gain.  On sunny winter days, open them to allow the solar energy to warm up your home, especially on the south & west facing windows.
  • Daylighting:  Some window coverings can help diffuse harsh sunlight, helping to soften the glare while still allowing some view to the outside.  Sheer shades like the Hunter Douglas Silhouette have unique fabric vanes that soften sunlight and help bring it deeper into the room so there isn’t a need for additional lighting.  Roller Screen Shades come in several fabric openness that allow you to balance the amount of sunlight coming through the shade and your view to the outside.

To make it even easier to operate your shades, consider adding Power – automation so that you can take advantage of all the energy saving qualities of your window coverings at any time.  Automated shades can also be programed to move at scheduled times to adjust to extreme temperatures throughout the day.

Let the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs help you find the best Energy Efficient Shades for your home so you can enjoy your space and save on energy costs too.