How much do Custom Blinds Cost?

The cost for Custom Blinds & Shades can vary greatly depending on what type of treatments you are looking for.  In general, some types of shades are less expensive than others, but there can be quite a wide range within the same type of shade- depending on the fabric and lift options you choose for each shade.

Factors affecting the cost of custom blinds & shades:

-Window Size – the bigger the window the bigger the cost

-Fabric Selection – the cost of any type of shading can vary greatly depending on which fabric you select.

-Lift system:  Each type of shade has a standard operating system.  Other lift systems may be available for an up-charge such as Motorized-Powered Shades.

-Upgrade Options:  such as Top Down-Bottom Up, Dual- Shades or adding a back liner to provide privacy on a Woven Wood Shade add to the price of each shade.

Shadings Ranked – least to more expensive

The least expensive type of window treatments you can custom order are Faux Wood Blinds.  These are great for anyone on a tight budget but still desire a custom look for their home.

Real Wood Blinds cost a bit more than the Faux Wood, but they can be a bit lighter, especially for larger windows.  There are many wood stain colors to choose from, as well as painted white and neutral colors.

Honeycomb & Roller Shades are usually mid-price point, but the cost can vary greatly depending on the fabric selection.  In the same window that might cost $250 in one fabric, could easily be $700 in another.  Both types of shades also have several upgrade options that also can add to the cost of each shade.

Roman, Sheer Shadings & Woven Woods are all usually in the higher price range.  These types of shades come in a great variety of fabrics and textures and can help soften the hard surfaces in the home.

Shutters:  Also in the higher price range whether made from composite material or real wood.  But shutters can be an investment in your home as they provide timeless style and are very durable.

There are several ways to help stretch your budget for new window shadings, especially if you have a total home to cover.  One idea is to put less expensive shades in areas that are seldom used like guest rooms, closets, or laundry rooms, and put more of the budget in areas that will be used more often such as living spaces and Main Bedrooms.  Another option is to only add upgrades like motorized lift or Top Down-Bottom Up to the specific shades that will really need it and keep the others as the standard style for that shade type.

At Aloha Blinds & Designs, we carry several different brands so we have options at a number of price-points to work with.  Let the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs help you get the most for your budget so you can enjoy your space in year-round comfort.