What the Heck are Zebra Shades?

Banded or Layered Shades are also often called “Zebra Shades” due to their unique bands of sheer and solid fabric giving them a striped look, but available in many colors not just black/white.  Zebra Shades combine a Roller Shade with a Sheer Shading for a truly unique design that offers great light control, view, and privacy.

This type of shade has a front and back panel with alternating bands of solid and sheer fabric.  Align the solid vanes for a view though to the outside or stack them to provide privacy.  The shades can also be raised completely up or positioned anywhere in between. The sheer fabric allows for soft diffused view to the outside and filters the view from the outside-in.  

Zebra Shades work great when you want protection from UV rays but still want to keep some of your view too.  The view through is not as clear as on some other types of Sheer Shadings, but this can be a plus if your view is a bit too close to a neighbor or road.  

There are several lift options available, including Motorized with remote or wand, or Manual with custom clutch or UltraGlide.


  • Great light control and very versatile. 
  • Shade can be completely up & out of the way for an open view.
  • Available in a variety of colors in both light filtering and room dimming fabrics.
  • Sheer fabric allows for view but also blocks damaging UV rays.


  • Not the best for room darkening as the vanes do not close tightly.
  • Band alignment can appear different depending on the angle you are looking at the shade.  This may be more pronounced in stairways as you go up & down the steps.
  • The view through the sheer bands is more diffused than other types of sheer shadings due to a moire effect with the front and back panels.

Overall, Zebra Shades are great for people wanting more control over the light and glare coming through their windows.  The sleek modern design transitions easily into many homes and can help update any space.  Let the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs show you the many options available with the unique design of Zebra Shades.