Best Blackout Window Shades for your home

The bright morning sun is great to wake up to, but not at 5am- if you don’t have to.  Blackout Shades help reduce the light coming through the window and can provide an extra barrier from the hot sun.  Opaque or Blackout fabric is made to block light from coming through and provides privacy as there is no view through these types of shades.  Room Darkening shades provide a more comforting space to sleep no matter the time of day and are also great for media rooms or any space where dim lighting is preferred.

While most types of window shades are available with Room Darkening Fabrics, some window treatments work better than others to dim the sunlight.  Honeycomb, Roman and Roller Shades are the most popular types of shades to order with Room Darkening fabrics.  Sheer Shadings, like the Silhouette or Layered- Zebra Shades are not the best since the vanes do not close tightly and more light is able to get through the fabric.

Is there difference between Black Out Shades and Room Darkening?  

Well, technically -Yes.  The fabric for both these types of shades is the same – light blocking, but the difference is in how much light comes in around the edges of the shade. The only way to have a truly Blackout Shade is to have a light blocking- track system installed around the frame of the window that the shade will operate within.  (Like the Hunter Douglas LightLock system for Honeycomb Shades.)  A downside to the track system is that it is secured onto the window casing and will always be visible, blocking part of the window.

Whether it is Room Dimming, Darkening or Blackout Shadings – we can help.  Call the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs and take control of harsh sunlight in your home.  We will work with you to find the best solution to make your space more comfortable so you can get the sleep you deserve.