What are Up – Down Shades?

The standard operation for most shades is Bottom Up – meaning that only the bottom of the shade is able to move.  The bottom bar of the shade can be positioned anywhere in the window, from fully open for maximum view to fully down for complete privacy.  But subtle control of light and privacy can be limited.

The Top Down- Bottom Up upgrade allows the shade to be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top rail.  This allows natural light to come through the top portion of the shade at tree level, while the shade is closed at the bottom for privacy.  The TDBU upgrade gives you greater light control and privacy as you can adjust the shade position anywhere in the window, and even make it look like it is floating in the middle.

Live a little too close to your neighbors?  Just position your Top Down- Bottom Up Shades to be open at the top- just above your eyelevel and enjoy the natural light without having to see into your neighbors house.  Or if you have a pet that likes to sit in your windowsill, you can slightly raise the shade at the bottom and then lower it a bit from the top and have both natural light and privacy in the room, while your pet can still see outside.

What type of shades can be Top Down- Bottom Up?  There are 3 types of shades that can be made with TDBU: Honeycomb, Roman and Woven Wood- Natural Shades.  Anything on a roller can’t be made with this upgrade because there are no strings to attach the shade fabric to the headrail.

Where Top Down-Bottom Up works best:

  • Windows over 30” tall.
  • Bathrooms, bedrooms and street facing windows.
  • Houses close to other neighbors, streets, or busy sidewalks.
  • Whenever natural light and daytime privacy is desired.
  • Upgrade to TDBU when ordering your shades – it can’t be added later.

Contact the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs to learn more about the benefits of Top Down-Bottom Up shadings and take control of your view and privacy too.