Blind & Shade – Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

We are often asked what is the best way to clean blinds and shades?

All too often, the blinds have been hanging in the window for years and now there is a visible build-up of dust-dirt-fur.  This can especially happen in windows where the shades are not operated very frequently.  You also might notice a build-up of dust along the top headrail portion of the shade or on the soft folds of a Roman Shade as dust tends to settle in these areas.

While many products are specially treated to repel dust & dirt, ideally, it is best to regularly dust your shades to minimize the build-up on them (every few months).  Use a dry-soft cloth or feather duster on each slat or to gently brush the shade fabric to release the dusty build-up.

Horizontal Blinds: (like Wood, Faux Wood & Metal) Tilt -close the slats to gently wipe down one side, then reverse tilt to get to the other side. A Microfiber cloth can also be used on these types of blinds.  Other options for deeper cleaning these types of Horizontal Blinds include using a vacuum brush to gently remove build-up or compressed air.

Other types of Shades:  Consult the manufactures Cleaning Guidelines to check what the recommendations are for the type of shade and particular fabric.  Other than a clean, dry soft cloth or feather duster, do not undertake any other cleaning without first checking the cleaning guidelines for your specific shade/fabric.  Sheer Fabrics in particular, have very specific cleaning instructions that include NO spot-cleaning, vacuuming or water immersion.

For shade fabrics that do allow for spot-cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water to gently blot the spot.  Rubbing can damage the fabric.  Some examples of fabrics that should NOT be spot cleaned include Sheer Shadings (like Hunter Douglas Silhouette, Luminette & Pirouette) some Roller Shade Fabrics and even certain Honeycomb Fabrics.

Tip:  When window cleaning, spray the glass cleaner onto the cloth rather than directly on the window to prevent splattering that could damage your blinds/shades.

Please call Aloha Blinds & Designs for more information about how to properly clean & care for your custom window coverings so you can enjoy them for years to come.