Cord Free Blinds

Cord Free Blinds and Shades will soon be the standard for all window coverings sold in the US.  Canada has already taken steps to eliminate all exposed strings on window coverings, banning them in May of 2022.  While there is still some uncertainty as to what exactly the standards will be for the US, we recommend looking to cord-free options for all new projects to keep ahead of the new safety regulations.  There are several options for Cord Free lift available on the market today with more innovations promised by our manufacturers in the near future.

Cord-Free Handles:  This lift system is available on most of the window treatments we carry.  There are some size limitations with this type of lift, but this is one of the easiest operating systems to use.  If you can’t reach the top of the window, there are extension poles that can often work to operate the shade.  This lift system has been around for many years and has been much preferred when the top of the window is easily accessible.

UltraGlide Retractable Wand:  A Hunter Douglas exclusive for years.  The UltraGlide retractable, ratcheting lift system is available, and standard on most Hunter Douglas Products.  The wand control eliminates lift cords and makes it possible to operate taller windows. The wand length is custom ordered based on the height of the window matched to the comfort of the homeowner.  The wand is color-coordinated to the shade fabric, so it blends in when the shade is lowered.

SoftTouch or Wand Powered:  This is a simplified motorized system that operates each shade with a wand control.  This type of powered shade cannot be programmed but is much simpler to operate than a fully automated system.  Battery life can also be extended as the shade is only “on” when the wand control is triggered.  Wand controls use batteries – standard or rechargeable to operate.  No hardwired is available for this type of system, and they cannot be operated remotely.

PowerView or Motorized Shades:  A fully automated powered system that can be powered through battery or hard wired.  This option gives you the most flexibility to program your shades, scheduling them, moving groups of shades with a single button or though an app on your phone.  PowerView also gives you the ability to operated your shades remotely, even when you are away from home.

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