Bamboo & Custom Woven Wood Shades Explained

What is the difference between Bamboo Shades and Woven Wood or Natural Shades?

Natural -Woven Wood Shades are made from a combination of natural fibers – Grasses, Jute, Reeds & Bamboo.  Bamboo Shades are considered Natural Shades as well but are made from mainly Bamboo Wood and can be more sturdy than a Woven Wood.  

Are Bamboo Shades right for me?

The natural variations in color, pattern and knots are some of the characteristics that make these types of shades uniquely charming.  It is also why it is best to purchase all the shades in a room or area at the same time to minimize differences in manufacturing & dye lots.  Many people find the uniqueness of each shade provides a comforting calm to any space.  However, if you are looking for consistent, uniform color and pattern at every window, these types of shades may not be ideal.

Are Woven Wood – Natural Shades private?

The loose weave of the natural fibers provides light filtering, but privacy can vary greatly depending on the fabric, especially at night.  There are several options to enhance light control and privacy including adding a back liner to the fabric or even an independent operable liner.  Liners are available in Light Filtering or Room Darkening fabrics.  Bamboo Shades tend to be more private as they are more tightly woven together.

Can Bamboo Shades be motorized?

Woven Wood/Bamboo Shades can be motorized for ease of operation, especially for tall, high up windows.  Powered shades can be hard wired or rechargeable batteries.  Other lift options include Cord-free, UltraGlide – retractable cord or Continuous Cord Loop.

What other options are there for Bamboo Shades?

Other options for these types of shades include edge-banding, valance, or top treatment.  There is also an option for Top Down – Bottom Up for better light control & view.

Let the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs help you create your Custom Woven Wood Shades and enjoy the light control & privacy you deserve.