When is it Time to Replace your Window Shades?

Sometimes it is obvious that it’s time to replace your window shades.  Broken, ripped, faded, discolored, water damaged or warped blinds/shades should be replaced not only for appearance, but for safety too.

Other times it may not be such a no-brainer.   While some shades may last 15 -20 years or more, typically most will need to be replaced about every 10 years.  New developments and innovations in lift options also make replacing your window shades a good idea so they continue to provide the comfort and style you want reflected in your home.

While some repairs can be done on window blinds/ shades, there are times that it is more cost effective and necessary to replace them entirely.  Sometimes the parts are no longer available to repair, or the shades are aging and have more issues than a simple restring can fix.  

If your shades look worn out, show signs of aging, and no longer provide the level of comfort you need, then it is time to replace them.  New styles, colors and design options make it even easier to customize your shades and take control of light, privacy and view.

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