Best Window Coverings for Rental Properties & Vacation Homes

There are many different window coverings to choose from, but the best solutions for your rental home will be based on the type of rental, location, and price-point of the property.  The window treatments should not only function well, but also reflect the style of the home.  Homes that cater to short term renters may want to look for ease of operation as much as durability.  For more long-term rentals, the home value may dictate how much of an investment in window coverings makes sense for the property.

Metal – 1” Mini Blinds:  Mini Blinds used to be the #1 go to for entry-level, basic window coverings.  Nowadays, with more options than ever before, Mini Blinds have faded in popularity, and thankfully so.  While known for affordable durability, these types of blinds can easily become bent with misuse and must be replaced.  They also can cost more than many Faux Wood blinds making them no longer the automatic choice for rental units.

Faux Wood – Composite Blinds:Horizontal- slated blinds work well for many types of rental properties.  They are easy to operate, with vanes tilting to control light & privacy and at a great entry-level price point.  Faux Wood Blinds are both durable and cost effective.  We recommend going with a Cord-Free Lift and Wand Tilt control to eliminate external cords on the blinds.  They’re also designed to stand up to high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Roller Shades:  These shades can make any space look more upscale without breaking the bank.  There is a huge variation in pricing depending on fabric selection.  So, with a little flexibility there are options at a more moderate price point.  The fabrics can provide nighttime privacy while still allowing some soft light through the fabric when closed during the day or are also available in room darkening fabrics.  Cord Free operation works best if the top of the window can be easily reached.

Honeycomb Shades:  Cellular or Honeycomb shades can add style and comfort to any space and provide an extra level of Energy Efficiency that no other window covering can provide.  Honeycomb shades also are available at a number of price points, making them a great option to add style with a little upgrade in budget.

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