Project 101 – New Window Shades.

Window Blinds & Shades are typically something people only need to buy a few times during their adult lives.  And now, with more options than ever before, it can be confusing where to start, what type to get and how much it all will end up costing.  That’s why it is best to start working with the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs from the start of your project so that we can help you to find the best solution at the best price-point for your budget.

Whether you are starting with a new home construction, or replacing old/outdated window coverings, the basic steps are the same to complete your New Window Treatment project.  Use, Style, Operation and Price are all the basics to get started.

Use/Function: What do you need your window treatments to do for you?  For some, privacy and light control are key.  Other people may put energy efficiency at the top of the list.  Some types of shade products can provide more than 1 benefit, such as Silhouette Sheer Shadings that allow for daytime view and glare reduction and also provide nighttime privacy when the vanes are closed.  DuoLite style shades from Hunter Douglas provide 2 shades in 1 with a privacy shade and a separate light filtering or sheer fabric.  

Style:  Honeycomb Shades are great for energy efficiency and Top Down- Bottom Up control, but not everyone is a fan of this type of shading.  That is why it is helpful to visit the Aloha Blinds & Designs Showroom to look at the many options you have for your project.  Besides Roller, Honeycomb & Horizontal Blinds, there are many other options available now.  Sometimes finding the right fabric can make all the difference in whether you like a particular style of shade.

Operation:  How are you going to operate the shade?  Can you reach the top or is the window too high up?  A cord-free lift is a great choice if you can reach the top of your window comfortably.  There are also extension poles that can help to grab the handle at the top of cord-free shades for hard-to-reach windows.   Wands and continuous cord loops can also be used to operate your shades manually.  Motorized options are also becoming more popular with either rechargeable batteries or hardwired in for new home construction.  There are usually several different lift options available for each type of window treatment.  We can help you find the best solution to operate your shades and explain the options and budget impact for each type.

Price:  We are often asked what the average cost of a custom shade is.  Unfortunately, that is a tough question to answer as the same size window can range anywhere from $100 – $1000 depending on the type of blind/shade, the fabric, lift system and other options.  Generally, the least expensive are Faux Wood (composite) horizontal blinds.  At the higher end are Sheer Shadings and Real Wood Shutters.  We work with several different major manufacturers so we can offer you the best price-point for the type of window treatments you want for your project.  Our free in-home consultation & quote make it easier than ever to compare different types of window coverings for your home and quote options at several price points for you to choose from.

Call us to schedule your free in-home consultation or stop by our showroom at the corner of 9th & Wilson Ave in Bend and get your New Window Shadings project off to a great start.