GLARE! – Best Shades to Control Harsh Sunlight

Harsh Sunlight left unchecked can make your space uninhabitable and also destroy your flooring and furnishings.  Glare can be more than just annoying when you are trying to work from home or watch your favorite sports team on the big screen.  The harsh UV rays of sunlight streaming into your home can fade, warp and damage your furnishings and also add the energy cost of cooling your home.  Most any type of Window Shades can help reduce glare, but many come at the cost of enjoying your view out through the window.

There are Shades that work best to reduce glare, but also allow for a view to the outside.  There are options for both interior as well as exterior shades as well.  What will work best for your unique project is best determined by considering how much you will need to balance the reduction of glare with privacy and view to the outside as well.

  • Exterior Solar Screen Shades:  These type of shades work well to reduce glare on large windows or banks of windows and are installed on the outside of the home.  Exterior Solar Shades are often added as a secondary shade to the interior ones and provide an extra layer of glare control.  They allow for a view to the outside that can be anywhere from quite clear (10% open fabrics) to more light blocking- less view (1% open fabrics) or somewhere in between.  The downside to exterior Screen Shades is that they do not provide privacy at night and shouldn’t be left in the lowered position during windy or extreme weather situations.  Exterior shades can be manually operated or also motorized – with remote control.
  • Interior Roller-Screen Shades:  These types of shades are similar to Exterior Solar Shades, but there are more fabrics & colors to choose from and more options for top treatments and lift systems.  And, because they are installed inside the home, it is easier to get to the shades to operate them when you need to block out the harsh sunlight.  Interior Screen Shades allow for some view to the outside, depending on how open the fabric is (typically 10% most view – 1% – least view through).   But keep in mind, these types of shades do not typically provide nighttime privacy.
  • Sheer Shadings: Hunter Douglas Silhouette, Pirouette, Banded and Luminette Vertical Shades are a great solution for controlling both harsh glare during the day and providing privacy at night.  All have fabric vanes that can be opened along with sheer fabric that helps filter and soften the light coming through the window.  The vanes can also be positioned to redirect the sunlight for great daylighting.  Sheer Shadings really can do it all when it comes to light control and privacy; and all can be motorized for even greater control whether you are home or away.


Let the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs help you find the perfect solution to control harsh sunlight and glare and make your space the oasis you deserve.