Meet the New Pink Pebble Remote from Hunter Douglas

Take control of your shades & show off some flair with the newest and funnest Pebble Remote Control color from Hunter Douglas – PINK!  Now available for a limited time on shades with PowerView Motorization.  You no longer have to be hemmed in by the common white or black remote.  Choose PINK and brighten up your space.

The new Pink color is great for many different rooms in your home and can easily be found when you want to move your shades.  Pebble Remotes come in many different colors, but the vibrant Pink color is by far one of the most outstanding in the collection.   Pink Pebble offers you the chance to show off your style and flair and set yourself apart from the pack.

PowerView Motorized shades allow you to move your shades effortlessly and are much safer for pets and kids as there are no external lift cords to contend with.  The Pink Pebble Remote will make you smile every time you want to move your shades with its bright happy color.

And, if PINK is not your thing, you can still enjoy a bright colored Pebble Remote with the Poppy-Red, Citron Green or Cobalt-Blue colors that are also available.

Let the experts at Aloha Blinds & Designs help you take total control of your shades with PowerView Motorization from Hunter Douglas.  You’ll enjoy the ease of operation and ability to program them to move on your schedule, even when you are away from your home.