Timeless, Traditional, Elegant

Custom Shutters are as luxurious as they are practical.  Shutters can transform ordinary windows into a statement of style and taste.  Finely crafted, Shutters offer a timeless look for any space, complimenting many different design styles.   Shutters provide light control and privacy both day and night with the simple tilt of the louvres.

Shutters will enhance the value of your home or space with a timeless, simple elegance.  Shutters also offer enhanced sound deflection by reflecting the outside noise with louvers closed, calming your indoor space.

Interior Shutters come in several louver sizes from 2 ½” to 4 ½“, with 3 ½“ being the most popular. Color choices abound, with a number of standard white tones, wood grains well as an unlimited number of custom paints, available for your choosing. Panels can be either hinged, bi-fold or even operate on a track system to offer the optimal ease of operation. Specialty shapes are also available.

Shutters are a fashionable way to add value to your home or office. Call Aloha Blinds & Designs today at (541) 317-4684 for a free in-home consultation and quote.