Top Window Blinds and Shades for 2023

There are many different types of window blind and shade products to choose from, but not all will work well for every project or every person.
This is why it is important to work with a professional like Aloha Blinds & Designs to determine which options will work best for your individual needs and design style.
Here are the top 5 types of shades our clients have been asking for the most over the past few months.
  1. Roman: Soft fabric folds can either stack at the top or roll into a cassette- top treatment.  These shades can be made from sheer, light filtering or room darkening fabrics. There is also a  Duolite option that provides view and privacy too, all in 1 shade.

  2. Bamboo or Woven Wood: This type of shade is handcrafted from natural materials including  grasses, reeds, and bamboo. They stack like a traditional Roman Shade, and can be made with a  back liner for more privacy and light control.

  3. Banded: A rolling style shade with alternating bands of sheer and solid fabric. The bands can be  aligned to provide a muted view to the outside or stacked to provide privacy and even room darkening.

  4. Honeycomb: Crisp accordion-style pleats on both the front and back fabrics provide the best  energy efficiency. The pocket of air created by the 2 fabrics helps insulate in all seasons – hot  and cold. These shades can also be made to operate from the bottom-up and top-down for  better light control. 

  5. Roller-Screen: These types of shades have the widest range of fabric opacities – from clear view  to completely opaque and everything in-between. The fabric rolls up at the top of the shade  and can be contained in a Cassette for a clean, minimalist look. They also can be made with DuoLite – 2 separate fabrics on one shade to soften the light and the other to block it  completely.

Let us help you find your perfect shade. Call Aloha Blinds & Designs for a free in-home consultation appointment or stop by our showroom to see first-hand the latest in window fashions.