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Warmer Winters – Cooler Summers – Lower Energy Bills.

Energy efficient shades can help reduce both heat loss and gain at the windows.  A typical home without energy-efficient windows treatments can lose as much as 50% of its heating and cooling energy through its windows and doors, depending on the season.   You can reduce your energy bills with the proper energy-efficient shades by reducing heat gain/loss at the windows.

Not all window coverings are created equal when talking about energy savings and R-values. Typical horizontal blinds have an average R-value of 2.5 while honeycomb shades are better insulators and have an R-value of 3.25 or more depending on the fabric choice   By increasing the R-value of your window coverings, you can decrease your energy bills and make your home more comfortable no matter what the season.

Heat transfer

It is a scientific fact that heat moves toward cold which is why in the winter so much of your homes warmth can be lost through windows and doors that are not properly covered.  Energy Efficient Shades provide insulation to reduce this heat loss in the colder months.  Choose Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades or Hunter Douglas Solera Soft Shades with insulating air pockets to provide comfort and style for your home.

Heat Gain

The warmth of the sun can turn any room into an uncomfortable hot-box as well as damage furnishings with harmful UV rays.  Increased air-conditioning costs along with annoying glare are also concerns in warmer months.  Reducing the heat that comes through window and door openings will not only improve your energy costs, but will protect your flooring and furnishings from fading and discoloring from harsh sunlight.

Window Coverings

Energy efficient shades can also protect your furniture, art, wood flooring as well as your carpet from damaging UV rays.  Call (541) 317-4684 today for a free in-home consultation on how to improve the energy efficiency in your home or office with energy efficient window coverings from Aloha Blinds & Designs.